Microsoft Authenticator

The Microsoft Authenticator is an application to verify your online identity quickly and safety for your Microsoft Account.

This application provides more protection, known as two-step verification. When you open the app, you need to set up your account, following the indicated steps, like the images blow.

  • First of all, you need to step foward the “wellcome screen” for the app;

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Javascript Pop-Up Windows

As a web development student at this time, while I was studying a little to prepare for the second semester, I remembered to pick up my web programming book and start reading and doing some examples. After reading, I decided to take a little risk and do something simple like doing a pop-up window when the mouse passes over a link using Javascript. (I never do that before)

After some tests, I decided to share with you what was the result.
For web programming I use the program Brackets, which is a free text editor and provides a great environment to program, besides it is possible to use external libraries. Go download and try it yourself!

This small topic focuses on the part of the event call, and in this case, when the mouse moves over an object that has been configured with the onmouseover parameter, a Javascript function will be invoked.

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