Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19569

Microsoft announced a new Windows 10 Insider Build Preview Build 19569.1000, for those who are at the Fast Ring role.

This new build came with 4 new improvements. This list includes the fixing of an issue resulting in OneDrive crash when CPU is in high intensive work, the fixing of SCSI drivers that weren’t being recognized in third party virtual machines, causing errors c1900191, some unexpected Green Screen with SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED on the most recent builds and, the last one, a bug at Start Menu reliability after some upgrades in Windows 10 builds.

This new build also starts the inclusion of the new Icon Design. All Icons will be redesigned, started with Office, and now moving forward to Windows 10 apps, such as Clock, Mail, Calendar, etc. Microsoft is giving up a more and intuitive consistent design across all platforms, making an even strong connection with this brand.

Image source: Windows Blog

There are some bugs and issues in the 19569.1000 build, so I highlight here that some NVIDIA users will have issues navigating and reading some web content in the new Edge Chromium Browser, the Documents section under Privacy has is icon broken, the Cloud option will not be woking if you want to reset your Pc.
You can check the full list in this link.

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